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WordPress can now turn Blog Posts into Tweet Storms Automatically

Wordpress Developer

Earlier this year, WordPress .com introduced a better thanks to post your Twitter threads, conjointly called tweetstorms, to your web log with the introduction of the “unroll” choice for Twitter embeds. Today, the corporate is addressing the flip facet of tweetstorm publication — it’s creating it attainable to show your existing WordPress web log post into a tweetstorm with simply a handful of clicks.

Wordpress Developer

WordPress Developer

The new feature can enable you to tweet out each word of your post, furthermore because the attendant pictures and videos, the corporate says. These are mechanically inserted into the thread wherever they belong aboard your text.

To use the tweetstorm feature, a WordPress user can initial click on the Jetpack icon on the highest right of the page, then connect their Twitter account to their WordPress web site, if that hadn’t been done already.

The option conjointly supports multiple Twitter accounts, if you would like to post your tweetstorms in many places.

Once Twitter is connected, you’ll choose the account or accounts wherever you would like to tweet, then select the new additional choice to share the post as a Twitter thread rather than one post with a link.

In the box provided, you’ll write Associate in Nursing introductory message for your tweetstorm, therefore Twitter users will acknowledge what your Twitter thread square measure discussing.

When you then click on the “publish” button, the online log post square measure shared as a tweetstorm automatically.

The feature was conjointly designed with a couple of thoughtful touches to form the tweetstorm feel additional natural, as if it had been written directly on Twitter.

For starters, WordPress says it’ll concentrate to the journal post’s format so as to work out wherever to separate the tweets. rather than packing the primary tweet with as several words as attainable, it places the break at the tip of the primary sentence, for instance. once a paragraph is simply too long for one tweet, it’s mechanically split out into as several tweets pro re nata, rather than being bring to a halt. an inventory block, meanwhile, are formatted as an inventory on Twitter.

To help writers craft a journal post that may work as a tweetstorm, you’ll like better to read wherever the tweets are split within the social preview feature. this enables WordPress users to raised form the post to suit Twitter’s character limit as they write.

At the very best of the discovered tweetstorm, Twitter followers unit of measurement able to click a link to browse the post on the WordPress internet site.

This addresses a customary grievance with Twitter threads. whereas it’s helpful to possess longer thoughts denote to social media for attention, reading through paragraphs of content directly on Twitter unit of measurement sometimes tough . however as tweetstroms grew in quality, tools to resolve this flinch emerged. the foremost common may be a Twitter animal noted as @ThreadReaderApp, that lets users browse a thread terribly} terribly long-form format by mentioning the account by name among the thread in conjunction with the keyword “unroll.”

With the launch of the new WordPress feature, however, Twitter users won’t need to intercommunicate third-party utilities — they’re going to just click through on the link provided to browse the content as a diary post. This, in turn, might facilitate flip Twitter followers into diary subscribers, permitting the WordPress author to extend their overall reach.

WordPress’ plans to introduce the tweetstorm feature had been proclaimed last month as returning within the Jetpack nine.0 release, inward in early New Style calendar month.

The feature is presently publicaly out there, the corporate says.

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