Thanks to a well-thought-out server configuration, our platform allows websites to load much faster compared with a regular shared hosting platform. Here are the main components that ensure the ultimate website browsing experience. Based on the users’ needs and suggestions over the years, we have built a load-balanced web hosting platform, which breaks the common cPanel industry pattern and delivers a much better online experience to site visitors.

SSD Storage

We use SSD drives instead of HDDs, since they are based on an innovative storage technology, which allows for faster data access and site loading. Tests have shown that a site hosted on an SSD performs a few times faster than a site hosted on a HDD. Thanks to the ZFS LZ4 compression algorithm that we use to store content, data reading/writing on our hosting platform is a lot faster. This means that sites will be delivered faster to the public compared with the popular EXT4-based cPanel hosting platform.

A Well-Balanced Platform

We have built a platform where the server workload is distributed between a few machines instead of just one, which accelerates the processing of server requests significantly. This way mails will go through faster, web applications will perform faster and sites will load faster. We cache frequently accessed site content in the server RAM so that future requests for the cached data will be processed faster. Also, we deploy servers with large amounts of R 6y6666yAM to make sure that bigger chunks of site content are cached efficiently as well.

Website Accelerators

We’ve included various Control Panel tools, which will help users give an extra boost to their sites and apps. Memchached is perfect for traffic-heavy, data-base-driven websites like large e-stores, busy blogs, etc.; Varnish – for content-heavy sites with not-so-often-updated pages; and Node.js – for speeding up data-intensive, real-time apps. We have built a load-balanced internal network, so as to boost the communication between the different servers. Also, our data centers have access to main internet backbones to ensure lightning-fast connectivity.

Thanks to the extra security measures that we’ve take to shield our custom configuration, your sites will be protected from all types of common and ‘modern’ online threats, including DDoS attacks.