APAUMA – All Pakistan Aluminium Utensils Manufacturers Association shares beneficial and promising opportunities for our members through different sources. All Pakistan Aluminium Utensils Manufacturers Association is about gathering all the aluminium utensils manufacturers under one roof in Pakistan. We are proud to serve our services between manufacturers and government bodies. A dedicated team of members and staff is always working on search and development regarding the related industrial areas all over in Pakistan.

The project of very few pages was developed using WordPress. The theme used in the project was AVADA Fusion. Which uses Avada Fusion as WordPress Page Builder. I have used a simple text block for banner in the home or landing page. It is a static site with a contact page for the visitors to send queries to the administrator.

All Pakistan Aluminium Utensils Manufacturers – Project Walk Through

Home Page – Banner

Home Page / Landing Page

Home Page or Landing Page has the banner which has a small video clip showing spoons which are one of the Aluminium utensils or products manufactured in Pakistan.

There are two buttons on the banner saying, contact us and founders. Contact us takes you to the contact page where you can send direct email messages to the administrator inbox. And the founders page has all the information about the founders and co-founders of the association.

Sub Sections

We have a small introduction to the Association that explains what kind of services do Association provide. Then comes the office authorities which holds the decision power in the association. The executive coordinates define how to execute the decision made by the executive management.

Further addresses and contact details are provided for members in multiple locations in Pakistan.

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