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Job Skills Worth Six-Figure Salaries

Six Figure Jobs

If you wish to create extra money within the coming back years or area unit able to begin checking out six-figure jobs, brushing informed some in-demand job skills might assist you reach your earning goals. provide yourself a lot of earning potential by growing your entrepreneurial talent set.

Many corporations offer six-figure jobs for extremely trained staff and to those that focus on an explicit field. Learn what these work skills area unit before you complete a degree or pursue career development opportunities, it might place you within the front of the road to secure higher-paying jobs throughout your career. Even odd jobs pays insanely well.

Skill: Software DevelopmentSoftware Development

If you already have added data technology or net development industries as a technologist, technologist or designer, take your skills to succeeding level by learning code development applications and programs. Being employed by code publishers or alternative data services suppliers is simply one tech-savvy thanks to increase your financial gain.

Software developers area unit to blame for making code and coming up with databases. consistent with the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual remuneration in 2018 was $105,590.

Master It: Attend Microsoft’s Virtual Academy

If you would like to start out climb the career ladder, dip your toes into the water with a course from Microsoft’s free Virtual Academy. The multi-part on-line course is meant to present the user an outline of what software package development is, however it’s used, however you learn it and what a basic career in development would appear as if, the course even goes into a number of the talents and tools that you just have to be compelled to learn so as to achieve success within the development field.

If you’re thinking that it’s a decent match, your next step is enrolling in an exceedingly course at a domestically authorized establishment to urge even additional in-depth coaching.

Internet MarketingSkill: Internet Marketing

If you have got a passion for selling and dealing within the digital media house you’ll acquire the work skills required to secure six-figure jobs with a corporation. In fact, there area unit several money-making skills you’ll learn in about a year.

Chief selling officers area unit currently required to manage a company’s digital strategy and might earn up to $247,500 a year, in step with the 2018 report from recruiting company Mondo. The BLS reports advertising, promotions and selling managers earned a median wage of $132,620 in 2018, with the bulk of promoting managers operating within the enterprise trade.

Master It: Take Google’s Online Marketing Challenge

If there’s one company that understands however promoting works within the modern times, it’s undoubtedly Google.

The company created the “Google on-line promoting Challenge” as a free, comprehensive digital promoting course for those wanting to actually sharpen their edge with new skills on precisely however promoting applies in associate more and more digital landscape.

Bonus: the web promoting Challenge includes a comprehensive Google Ads certification — one in every of the foremost valuable certifications you’ll raise any resume.

Skill: Project Management

Want to be a tycoon and develop some basic school skills? obtaining comfy with in style project management tools like posture or Base camp might assist you advance in your career. Managers World Health Organization area unit hot with exploitation technology and apps to manage their groups, workflows and information area unit in high demand — notwithstanding you don’t add school. continued to teach yourself is a way to with success climb the career ladder.

You might be chargeable for mentoring co-workers, distribution deadlines to team members and collaborating on comes exploitation project management tools. Being hot in advanced project management tools, like the Enterprise Resource designing (ERP) system will simply earn you a six-figure wage. reports the median wage for associate ERP Project Manager is $135,544.

Master It: Get an Accredited Degree in Project Management

Getting into the world of project management is one that’s perpetually evolving — and needs a decent little bit of coaching.

Thankfully, the PMI — or Project Management Institute — options a comprehensive web site with in small stages info for those fascinated by furthering their project management skills at each a part of their career. To begin, however, it’s suggested you acquire a bachelor’s degree in project management from one among PMI’s authorised establishments.

Financial ManagementSkill: Financial Management

Being smart with numbers Associate in Nursingd having an analyst’s mental attitude may cause you to an excellent candidate for a career as a finance manager.

Companies look for skilled finance managers to arrange money forecasts, analyze trends, assess risk and perform alternative duties to stay the corporate in smart money standing. You’ll ought to acquire a minimum of 5 years of skills to earn the median wages of $127,990 annually during this position, consistent with the BLS.

Master It: Get a CFP Designation

One of the foremost valuable designations within the world of economic management is that the desirable CFP label — Certified monetary Planner. Your goal as a CFP is to assist folks right the ship and create sensible cash moves each currently and within the future.

In order to earn your CFP designation, there’s a series of steps to require — from instructional hours, on-the-job expertise and an communicating you need to pass — all of that area unit made public on the official CFP web site.

Skill: Problem-Solving Using TechnologyProblem-Solving Using Technology

You need smart problem-solving skills in nearly each position. however people who will establish and solve technology issues earn a much bigger piece of the pay pie.

A job within the field of technology will command a high pay as a result of you’ll be to blame for determination technology-related issues as a laptop engineer, scientist, computer programmer or advisor. The median purchase laptop and knowledge analysis scientists in 2018 was $118,370, in keeping with the BLS. Jobs during this field area unit expected to extend by nineteen through 2026.

Master It: Hit Up YouTube

Many IT issues square measure simply resolved with some basic ability and a touch ingenuity. In your spare time, log onto YouTube and watch variety of informational videos on the fundamentals of IT to assist acclimatize yourself to the planet of technical school troubleshooting.

Even though YouTube won’t offer you skilled credentials, it will assist you develop sensible skills that you just will instantly place to figure.

SaleSkill: Sales

Since employment in sales is often commission-based, the earning potential is just about unlimited. However, your ability to hit the six-figure level would force robust sales and client service skills. several firms that provide $100,000-plus opportunities set the qualification bar high — you’ll would like a minimum of 5 years of prospering expertise within the business to form your mark and access purchasers World Health Organization area unit ready to shut six-figure deals with you.

Still, you’ll boost your earning potential by attending sales coaching events and fine-tuning your skills to approach higher prospects. The BLS reports sales managers earned a median wage of $124,220 in 2018.

Master It: Study Sales Pitches Online

This is another ability that you simply} will hone just by work onto your laptop or smartphone.

Sales isn’t associate degree innate talent that some individuals have from birth. even supposing attractiveness helps, most salespeople aren’t born with this gift — they learn techniques from different flourishing sales professionals.

Thankfully, the net could be a huge resource jam-packed with sales coaching videos to assist you boost your numbers.

Skill: Communications and Public RelationsCommunication and Public Relationship

Having sensible communication skills is crucial for every kind of jobs and may very facilitate improve your probabilities of obtaining one. however if you’re extraordinarily ball-hawking at human activity with completely different teams, you’ll earn yourself a six-figure career within the field of PR, fundraising or promoting communications.

Public relations managers square measure answerable for designing and coordinative communications efforts on an oversized scale to enhance the perception of an organization or individual within the spotlight. Your skills and talent may be in high demand from politicians, business executives and firms in would like of some positive press.

According to the BLS, PR and fundraising managers earned a median wage of $114,800 in 2018.

Master It: Revamp Your Social Media Presence

There’s a simple place to begin within the world of communications: social media.

Your terribly own social media profiles ar a number of the most important tools utilized by companies nowadays within the world of stories, selling and advertising. If you would like to become versed within the world of PR, study however major brands base their interactions around their target markets — like Wendy’s uber-popular Twitter account, for instance — and tailor your own social media presence to replicate a cultured, skilled version of you.

Teaching and Motivational SpeakingSkill: Teaching and Motivating

Teachers usually don’t build six-figure incomes despite what quantity expertise they need — the median wage for a high school teacher was $60,320 in 2018. However, having smart teaching skills may facilitate spearhead your career as an authority, advisor or life coach.

Jobs that need leading or educating individuals a couple of product or company, or offer employment facilitate, are in high demand and will be the perfect career path for you. If you’re employed severally as a life coach and set your own rates, your earning potential simply may reach six figures. Pay scale reports the whole buy a life coach will be up to $245,000, as of July 2019.

Master It: Volunteer in Your Community

You can begin teaching right in your own curtilage — and create the lives of the many very little ones higher within the method.

After you get a background check and fingerprinted, you’ll be cleared to volunteer with youth in an exceedingly variety of how — Boys & ladies Club of America, the YM/YWCA, outside programs also as organized sports.

Whatever your talent set reflects, get call at your own city and use those talents to assist higher succeeding generation.

InvestingSkill: Investing

If you’ve continually been smart with creating investment selections and need to serve others by managing their investments and providing recommendation, you may explore a career as a private monetary authority. monetary advisors area simply utilized by banks — investment specialists are required to superintend company monetary activities likewise as those within the scientific and technical services fields.

Additionally, you’ll be able to forestall to earning a six-figure pay after you have skills in securities and commodities contracts. you may work severally as a broker or for a brokerage to earn commissions from your shoppers. Traders operating as securities, commodities and monetary services sales agents had a median pay of $97,110 in 2019.

Master It: Dip Your Toes in Micro-Investments

Before you go all-in on a career within the exchange, study the volatility and subtlety of the exchange with a micro-investment app like Stash or Acorns.

The apps work by investment your leftover amendment from your checking account, accruing interest sort of a mini-401k. you’ll be able to select what you invest in — albeit the returns area unit tiny — however that simply means the danger is additionally on at any low scale.

If you’re a starting capitalist, it’s time to urge started. this is often what first-time investors got to apprehend.

Skill: PilotingPiloting

When you’re searching for a non-traditional career path that pays well, think about a career as associate airline pilot. Any flying skills gained whereas serving within the military or from attending flight college will assist you get certified with associate Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL). With the license, you’ll earn flight hours with associate airline or personal company that wants pilots.

The BLS reports the median wage for airline and business pilots in 2018 was $115,670. operating as a pilot may be a nice high-paying job that enables you to see the globe.

Master It: Taking a Flight Course at Your Local Airport

Many native airports provide categories to assist folks rise higher than the clouds.

The first step is getting your pilot’s license — one thing that the majority flight coaching courses ar designed around serving to you get. As long as you’re medically cleared and over seventeen years archaic, you’ll notice a neighborhood flight faculty close to you and begin soaring.

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