How to Install a Wireless AX200 WiFi Card

Wireless AX200 WiFi Card. A simple to use and sleek solution to get WiFi on your computer. This card will give you a fast and reliable connection to the internet and all the benefits of a wireless connection such as flexibility, mobility, and more. There are two ways for installation: by using your machine’s M2S slot or through installing it into an available PCI-E slot.

Meet the new standard in WiFi. With up to three times the speed and five times the coverage, the AX200 is a breeze to install, works with Windows 10, and is super user-friendly. There’s no need for a CD anymore and you can even download the setup software from our site.

The AX200 is a high-performance, low-latency WiFi card designed for the most demanding applications. It has dual-band connectivity, and supports 802.11ax/WiFi 5 and 2.4GHz/5GHz operation modes.

This is a WiFi card for Intel-based, Windows 10 64-bit machines, which do not currently utilize a 9560 CNVI part. PC must have available M2 Slot with Key A or Key E.

This card is the best for those who need to stay connected to their network from a remote location! Designed with your needs in mind, our WiFi card provides increased range, speed and performance. It has the convenience of being wireless, so there’s no need for cable installation, and is compatible on the latest operating systems.

You’ve been waiting for a WiFi card that doesn’t require an Ethernet port and this is it! With Intel’s AX200, there are no wires needed. And with built-in dual-band WiFi, you’ll enjoy a signal as strong as your wired connection. But wait there’s more! At just a fraction of the cost of other cards, you can’t afford to miss out on this deal!

The Killer line is formed by an organization Intel bought in 2020 that makes a speciality of Wi-Fi chips for recreation PCs. not like the Intel-branded chips, Killer chips will be found on PCs that run on AMD CPUs in addition as Intel CPUs. Most of those wireless chips, whether or not branded as Intel or Killer, handle Bluetooth connections too.

What is a Wireless Chip and How Does it Work?

The AX200 WiFi Card is a wonderful wireless card that helps you to upgrade your current Wi-Fi adapter. It’ll help you to transmit data much quicker, and give you access to more networks. This is a great card for people who want better performance from their Wi-Fi and it’s perfect for laptops too!

Scroll all the way down to “Network adapters” and click on the miscroscopic point to the left to expand the listing. Your Wi-Fi adapter are one in every of the highest listings. For our workplace-issued dingle portable computer, it had been associate Intel twin Band Wireless-AC 8265, as seen on the list of vulnerable devices higher than.

Path to WiFi 6

Wi-Fi 6 is nearly 3X faster than standard AC 2×2 with 80 MHz channels, delivering 75% lower latency for more responsive gaming and seamless video conferencing

Built on Intel AX200 Chipset

Built on the Intel Wi-Fi 6 AX200 module to enables smooth streaming of high resolution videos, fewer dropped connections, and faster connections.

Faster Speeds with Support for Bluetooth 5.0

2x the transmission speeds and 4x the range over Bluetooth 4.x versions.

For fastest and most responsive connections, we recommend PCs connect to a compatible Wi-Fi 6 (Gig+) router.


  • Transmission Rate: 2.4GHz: 574Mbps 5GHz: 2400Mbps
  • Protocol Standard: support IEEE 802.11ax/ac, IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n
  • WiFi Frequency: 2.412GHz-2.4835GHz 5.150GHz-5.825GHz
  • Additional Features: MU-MIMO
  • Max Transmit Power: 20dBM
  • Encryption Support: WPA-PSK/PWA 2-PSK/WPA 2/WEP

Compatibility Requirements:

  • System: Intel-based
  • Operating System: Windows 10, Linux
  • Connection: M2 Slot Key A or Key E

Please Note:

  • Recommended as an upgrade from: AC-8260, AC-8265, N-7265, AC-7265, AC-3168, AC-3165, AC-9260
  • Order does not include antennas or screws


  1. Turn off your system’s power, open the back cover, and locate the current wireless module
  2. Gently remove the old antennas & old network card (you may have a screw to remove as well). A small screwdriver from an eye-glass kit is an easy way to gently leverage the antenna connectors free)
  3. Install your new AX200 network card (first reaffix the set-screw; if applicable)
  4. Gently attach your original antenna connectors to your new AX200 network card—be gentle! The connectors generally pop right on!
  5. ***Test your new AX200 Wifi Card by powering on your system***
  6. Then, reattach your systems back cover and enjoy your upgraded WiFi!
  7. Check out our support articles for additional troubleshooting.

All drivers are available to download. We recommend downloading (but not installing) to your system before swapping your network card. Drivers are not shipped with each order. Contact your manufacturer for additional instructions on how to disassemble your system to access the network adapter slot.

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