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C# Classes and Objects with examples

C# is the best recommended language among all OOPS Languages. In C#, classes support polymorphism, inheritance and also provide the concept of derived classes and base classes. A class is nothing but an encapsulation of properties and methods which might be used to represent a real-time entity.

C# is that the best suggested language among all OOPS Languages. In C#, categories support polymorphism, inheritance and conjointly offer the thought of derived categories and base categories. A category is nothing however associate degree encapsulation of properties and strategies which could be accustomed represent a period entity.

Among all sorts of Object-oriented programming languages, C# is that the best suggested improved OOPS language for an entire enhanced Programming career. C# language endows with complete support for object-oriented programming which includes Eysenck Personality Inventory (encapsulation, polymorphism, and inheritance).

Encapsulation refers to a gaggle of relevant properties, methods, and alternative programming members that are thought of as one unit or object. By mistreatment Encapsulation, we are able to use a unit of the item for varied programming functions.

Polymorphism is supposed for having multiple categories which will be incorporated interchangeably, although each category applies similar properties or strategies in distributed approaches. Throughout Polymorphism methodology, you don’t have to be compelled to use completely different properties or strategies for various categories.

Inheritance explains the aptitude to form new categories per associate degree existing category and therefore, making multiple categories is less complicated through inheritance methodology.

The terms category and object ar accustomed describe the particular kind of objects, and also the incidence of categories, severally. So, we tend to decision the task of making associate degree object as internal representation. Throughout the blueprint analogy, a category is taken into account as a blueprint, associate degreed an object could be a creation made up of the category blueprint. Hope, currently you need to have processed the link between category and blueprint.

For defining a category you would like to use: ‘class SampleClass ’

When you do not want any help for the polymorphism or inheritance, C# provides helpful varieties known as structures.

Each category will have completely different category members with applicable properties to clarify the category information, applicable strategies to clarify the category behavior, and applicable events that permit communication between fields associate degreed properties indicate data that an object possesses actually. Fields are almost like variables as they will be scan or set straightly, subject to applicable access modifiers.

The properties of a category contain ‘get and set’ accessors to place a lot of management on setting or returning of values. In C# you’ll be able to produce a non-public field to store the property price or use auto-applied properties that make this field robotically and supply the fundamental logic for defining associate degree auto-applied property.

If you wish to execute some extra operations for reading and writing of the worth of the property, initial outline a field to store the worth of the property and provides the fundamental logic to store and retrieve an equivalent.

Most of the properties possess some strategies to line and obtain {the price|the worth} of property value. On the opposite hand, you’ll set read-only or write-only properties to manage them from being updated or read. In C#, you’ll conjointly skip the get or set procedure of property. Withal, the properties that are auto-implemented can’t be write-only and also the auto-implemented properties that are Read-only may be set in builders of the carrying category.

A method may be merely explained as associate degree action that associate degree object will actually perform. There are variety of applications, or overrides in an exceedingly category for an equivalent methodology that varies within the variety of parameters or parameter varieties.

In most cases, you declare a technique among a category definition. However, C# conjointly supports extension strategies that permit you to feature strategies to associate degree existing category outside the particular definition of the category. Constructors are the strategies of a category that are performed mechanically once a given kind of object is formed.

Generally, the constructors declare the information members of a brand new object, and a creator will run just for only once a category is formed. Additionally, the creator code typically runs before the opposite code in an exceedingly category.

On the opposite hand, you’ll build multiple constructors override within the same method as for the other procedure. A finalizer is commonly accustomed destruct category instances and finish off the unmanaged sources. Particularly in .NET, the rubbish collector functions as a finalizer that mechanically handles the supply and discharge of memory for the controlled objects in your C# application.

Events facilitate a category or object to tell alternative categories or objects once a remarkable event happens. The category that raises the event is thought because the publisher and also the categories that receive the event are subscribers. Overall, the event depends upon the Publishers and subscribers.

When category|a category} is outlined inside another category is understood as a nested category and also the nested class is asserted as non-public. In order to form a the nested category instance, you wish to use the instrumentality category name, dot(.), and also the name of the nested category. All categories and members of the category will state their level of access to alternative categories throughout the access modifiers in C#.

  • Public Member – It is accessed by any code inside a similar assembly or alternative assembly with reference.
  • Private Member – It will solely be accessed directly by code solely within the same category.
  • Protected Member – This member will solely be utilized by code during a derived category, or same category.
  • Internal Member – the interior member is utilized by any code solely within the same assembly.
  • Protected Internal Member – The protected member is utilized by any code written within the same assembly, or by the derived category from another assembly.
  • Private Protected Member – This member is utilized by a similar category code or by a derived category from the bottom category assembly.

First, produce AN instance of the category to form AN object, and so you’ll be able to provide values to the properties of instance and fields and turn category strategies. To set property worth at the time of the category mental representation technique, use object initializers.

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