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Through the Free Reseller Hosting Program you’ll be able to sell any of Registration & Hosting the subsequent services under neath your own brand: domain names, hosting plans, VPS, semi-dedicated & dedicated servers. To allow you to focus all of some time and efforts on selling, we have a tendency to take full care of server management and repair setup, and supply multi-currency asking and a 24/7/365 technical support service to your customers fully anonymously. With us, you’ll be able to become a victorious internet hosting whole with a minimum investment.

User ExperienceYour hosting complete are all over – on your store, within the electrical device, within the email notifications and repair alerts that your customers can receive, etc. Also, you’ll place your own complete brand and favicon on your store with the press of a mouse.

With us, fitting your hosting store are as straightforward as fitting a social media profile, as an example. All server management, service configuration and payment process procedures are handled by US, therefore you’ll concentrate on promoting your complete.

Unlike with most thought solutions, whether or not you create sales or not, you will still be free from any money obligations due to our distinctive, time-proven reseller hosting formula.

All of our unlimited reseller hosting plans will be ordered in anyone of our 3 progressive knowledge centers. we’ve a location within the USA – the Steadfast knowledge center in downtown Chicago; a location within the Britain – the Pulsant knowledge center close to London; a location in European country – the Ficolo knowledge center next to Pori and a location in Balkan state – the S3 Company knowledge center in national capital. select the information center that’s nearest to your audience so as to supply them with the simplest on-line expertise.

In stark distinction to most reseller programs, we have a tendency to don’t need any deposits from you. we’ll charge your shoppers directly on your behalf and can send you the profit that you’ve attack the idea of our wholesale worth. And if you create no sales, there’ll be no charges to pay either!

All of our unlimited reseller hosting plans area unit protected by a 99.9% server and network time period guarantee.

Our technicians are going to be at your disposal twenty four hours every day, 12 months a year. All unlimited reseller hosting plans feature a quick price tag support service, with a 1-hour time interval guarantee.

We’ll support your clients on your behalf through various channels – ticketing system, email, live chat and phone.


A responsive style responds and adjusts to the dimensions of the device’s screen by sterilization the position of the look parts to suit within the purposeful area. the weather in an exceedingly responsive website can fluidly move to rearrange themselves in a perfect manner for optimum viewing betting on the dimensions of the screen.

An adaptive website has several mounted layout styles. once your website determines the scale of the screen and also the house out there, it’ll then opt for the layout that suitably fits the screen.

You can have up to six layout styles, looking on the pixels required. Users would have a special layout for his or her phones and a separate layout for his or her desktop. Associate in nursing adaptive style would be helpful if your web site needs your user to be interactive. It seems that it is the most popular form to use at this point. Search engine sites prefer a responsive design, so if SEO is essential to you, this could be your design of choice.

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