Wall-V is the Information Technology Company that is offering a wide range of Web Designing, Development, Domain Registration, Hosting, Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing.

Thanks to a well-thought-out server configuration, our platform allows websites to load much faster compared with a regular hosting platform.

The content itself takes up about 50% of all the work on a given site. By default, your store will come with its own unique SEO-Optimized content for all the pages and promotional banners. This way, you will not need to bother fiddling with your website content to optimize it for the search engines and for the visitors. You will have everything Pre-Set and loaded for you the moment your store is installed.

  • Entirely cloud based – allows websites to load much faster compared with a regular hosting platform

  • Any number of devices – workload is distributed between a few machines instead of just one

  • Single sign-in – prevent the leakage of sensitive data to external hosts

  • Disaster recovery – recover the data from the unaffected disks

  • Access from anywhere – access to main internet backbones to ensure lightning-fast connectivity

  • Real-time backups – executed 4 times a day


These will help users track the performance of their sites and applications in real time and take timely measures to avoid any possible service disturbances.

Our solutions


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“We have built a load-balanced internal network, so as to boost the communication between the different servers. Also, our data centers have access to main internet backbones to ensure lightning-fast connectivity.”

“Each data center boasts a top-quality internal network, complete with A-class hardware, and works with the biggest ISPs in the respective country to ensure the fastest possible connection to the external world.”

“The new template designs are fully responsive and will adapt itself to all common screen resolutions, platforms and orientation types. There is a wealth of point-and-click options that will allow you to tailor the store theme to your taste and marketing vision.”


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